Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kiosque a Musique.

We spent a lovely afternoon at the bandstand in Portsmouth today, even though we were very annoyed that we missed a great band called the White Coats due to not sleeping the night before and staying in bed til 1! However we caught a glimpse at a few other locals who were also quite good. Looking forward to next Sunday to see who will be playing:)

We also purchased some yummy ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream and ate it on the common, feeling very sick after but enjoying the moment all the same.

Portsmouth is amazing at 5 in the morning. Empty. Quiet. strangeee.... but AMAZING! We laid down on busy roads, WITHOUT BEING SQUASHED. fun times.

we stole a tennis ball, felt rebellious, and commented on piss-filled bottles. We rolled down by the school of dance too. hahaha.



  1. Hi thanks for commenting.
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    xxx Milzy

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