Wednesday, 5 August 2009


we've been gigging, not posting, so here we go...
We know it was a while ago, but we promised you a post and we dont like to disappoint (too much)
It was a good experience, as Cellars was probably the smallest venue that Hockey will play. It sold out, so it was packed, good atmosphere. Brighton/London foursome Flashguns provided support. Their frontman was ill, but still put on a good show. The crowd seemed to react well. Set consisted mostly of new tracks, we were hoping for some RO SHAMBO and PANAMA though, we considered shouting, but chickened out.
Next came the Portland, Oregon based band Hockey. They've already supported the likes of Friendly Fires and played festivals such as Glastonbury (John Peel stage) and T in the Park. They played recent singles 'Too Fake', 'Learn To Lose' and crowd favourite 'Song Away'. Benjamin Grubin donned a harmonica and acoustic guitar for a country-style song which we can't remember the name of! Hockey were chatting in between songs, and mentioned the strange place names we have in England. 'We like Ports-MOUTH...' then this lady chipped in, taking the mickey, asking, 'hmmm, do you like READing, hav you ever to been to READing?'
please note: this lady was wearing a nasty red top too. She also said the drummer looked like Earl from 'My Name Is Earl'. Which he didn't. He looked like Dave Grohl. But yeah, the band were good and it was a gooood night all round.
hopefully we'll be seeing them at Bestival too.

Our first time at joiners. The support girls were alright but we were highly anticipating Lo-Fi Culture Scene. Leigh Mary Stokes was catchy, especially the song 'Perfect'. Lo-Fi Culture Scene are HOTTTTT, and so is their music. They're amazing for their age, their tender age of 15. yum. They did songs such as 'Yes', 'Too Late Anyway', 'Footsteps', 'Hours' and 'Silhouettes'. We knew all the words, so we were mouthing/singing at the front while all the other people just stood like limp lemons. They were tres amazing.

The Kabeedies came on after a few random texts from Rory Kabeedie saying 'where are you hottie?' CONFUSION as he thought Hannah was the sexy Ella-Lou from Fresh Legs. How wrong was he.... The Kabeedies played all the songs we laaaaaaaaaaved, comme, 'Little Brains', 'Treasure Hunting', 'King Canute', 'Lovers Ought To', 'Duck Egg Blue' and 'Fuzzy Felt'. We were singing along to this too, and dancing. There were five of us at the front, all dancing madly and shaking our heads in time with drum rolls, (cos we're cool like that ;) ) The Kabeedies have RIDICULOUS amounts of energy, dancing, bouncing, jumping, star-jumping and shaking the whole way through the set.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


hello guys.
sorry for being so rubbishy lately,
we've been away and stuff.